A Castle for the Sun King

Welcome in the house of the knights and the former lords.Their exploits,their stories always haunt these walls.Behind the magic gate become immortal one moment.By crossing this step,tales,legends and secrets are the ghosts of the present.

Discovery of the castlelogo histoireCastle'history

Hunting the treasure

Dressed up,equiped,

Leave to Adventure

In the heart of the castle!

Will you know how to solve riddles?Will you be the winner of Messire Oudart to take from him his treasure?


Guided tour

Exceptional views from the donjon.

Visit century from century:romanic weapon room,big gothic room,lounge and kitchen big century.Rescue and revival from after war.



Une équipe du journal télévisé de France 3 en visite au château le 6 juillet 2012 .

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